Floral Budget Cheatsheet: How far will my floral budget get me?

I was scrolling Instagram a few weeks ago and came across a video from a popular bridal page where the bride was DIY’ing her own wedding florals along with the help of some supportive family and friends. They had the flowers set out around the room and everyone was pitching in to bring the bride’s flower dreams to life. They all seemed so supportive. The comments however, were in complete shambles. Some people praising her for saving money and doing her own flowers, others critiquing the arrangements and others sharing why flowers from a professional florist cost what they cost.

However, the comments that stuck out to me the most were the brides asking for more pricing transparency from vendors. I kept this request at the forefront of my mind as I began to work on my most recent website refresh and it’s partly the reason for this blog post. I wanted to share examples of our pricing and what budget ranges will get you at True Splendor Events. Yes, there will be some floral designers that charge more and you will also find some that charge less but the details below serves as a great guide. Many factors such as event size, design features, floral seasonality/varieties, and upgrades will determine the final price of your floral design.

We would be honored to create custom florals for your event. One of our greatest joys is coming alongside our clients and bringing the visions of their events to life. Below is an idea of what would be included in three budget ranges. This is a guide to help you with budget planning.

The best way to get an accurate quote would be to complete our event questionnaire or book a free consultation to discuss your event. Please let us know if you would like to chat! Inquire here

Price Range One

This price range could include the following:


  • Couple florals
  • 8 Bridesmaid Bouquets & Groomsman Boutonnieres
  • 5-7 Corsages or Boutonnieres for family
  • 1 Ceremony Piece (arch or large display)
  • 8-10 Aisle Pieces
  • Welcome Reception Piece
  • Guest Book Table/Sweetheart Table/ Cake Table
  • 15 Medium-sized Centerpieces

Price Range two

This range could include the following:


  • Couple Florals
  • 5 Bridesmaid Bouquets & Groomsman Boutonnieres
  • 1 Ceremony Piece (arch or large display)
  • 2 Entry or Aisle Pieces
  • 1 Styled Sweetheart Table
  • 10 Medium-sized Centerpieces

Price Range three

Most often this will allow for:


  • Couple Florals
  • 2 Bridesmaid Bouquets & 2 Groomsman Boutonnieres
  • 1 Welcome Sign W/ Floral Piece
  • 1 Ceremony Piece (arch or large display)
  • 5 Medium-sized Centerpieces

A la carte items

For a la carte wedding florals the minimum is $1000 and florals can be picked up the day before or morning of your wedding
  • Bride Bouquets: $200-$325
  • Bridesmaid Bouquets: $95-$125
  • Boutonnieres: $25
  • Corsages: $35-$55
  • Centerpieces: $85-$200

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